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An OHKO Mono Thunder Team - Road to Galaxy - Soccer Spirits ...

Like for random BoS on NeruaRoad to Galaxy - Mono Thunder OHKO team.Currently in Champions League. Rating 2220-2274 for this videoMusic:Aldnoah.Zero OST -- M...

[Soccer Spirits] Fenrir Match 2019 OHKO - YouTube

Huge thanks to Cpt. Whuti for the Didi ace :] BGM:1. Pokemon Guitar Remix - Battle! N's Mega Zoroark by GlitchxCity Soccer Spirits PvP Tier List[ https://go...

[Soccer Spirits] CoD Floors OHKO (40-50) | Jean's LUQ (SHoT ...

Got 2 SoB's in a row for my first few combines so I just did this luq out of the blue lolGit long shot xdP.S. More CoD floors coming up btw xd

Downtime Discussions #3 - OHKO : soccerspirits

level 1. Hyaciao. The true light of congress 3 years ago · edited 3 years ago. OHKO is the absolute extreme type of burst damage formation. And like all formation, it is a valid strategy and approach to the game. With that said, I don't support it on principle and especially don't enjoy how it is currently done.

Hot Topic: Anti YOLO OHKO. Survival Version. : soccerspirits

Once you survive the OHKO attempt or beat the opposing mid Lord Vann's Accelerate Time will help ensure he gets his shot off without interruption by a backline Cynthia/Khirel. Utility Type active means minimum spirit is needed for extra insurance. This is 100% victory if you tanked a shot and you get the ball to him.

Soccer Spirits - Thor Match / OHKO RNG FIESTA - YouTube

*-PLEASE READ-*Thor is a superb boss in soccer spirits that comes out once in a long time. You can only get these players through these matches.Notes to this...

Advanced Guide | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

There are two types of Strikers in the game (three if you count Long Shoot), they are Utility Strikers and OHKO (One-hit Knock Out) Strikers. These two Strikers are easily distinguishable when you look at their Active Ability.

Unique | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Judgment Radiance, JR. Increases the Attack Power by 50% and decreases the incoming damage by 20% when holding the ball. Recovers the HP by 25% of the damage dealt with an attack or when being attacked. Legendary. Increases the Attack Power by 40% and decreases the incoming damage by 20% when holding the ball.

Soccer Spirit Guide for Players: Legends

Penetration power is important for William, but again he needs critical rate the most. 3. Jin. As the only Legendary GK, this Grandpa surely takes the role of the best GK in Soccer Spirits. However, as an old man, Jin also has some weakness that should be noted, too! However, indeed Jin is a great GK despite his age. :)

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